Selasa, September 16, 2014

Blended Learning (Pembelajaran Teradun)

As schools recognize the need to transform traditional classrooms and differentiate instruction, blended learning is a topic piquing the interest of district leaders. Many educators are growing excited about the potential of incorporating tablets into a brick-and-mortar environment to help push the needle on student achievement and digital literacy. While investing in the hardware is a great step, what else should educators know about blended learning?

Blended Learning Consultant, Shuaib Ahmed said, five things you need to know when implementing a blended learning program:
  • How to tackle the challenge of classroom differentiation
  • What is the most effective way to use iPads to increase student achievement
  • What is the right recipe for professional development and coaching for teachers to transform their classrooms
  • What kind of quantifiable impact you can expect from iPads and eSpark
  • Which blended learning instructional model is the most successful

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