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CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation

Curiosity might have killed the proverbial cat, but without it very real achievements would never occur. With CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation as your guide, you’ll learn how to spark your innate curiosity, pounce on problems in ways you never imagined, and enjoy greater success and satisfaction at work and in your personal life.
Playful, profound, and positively upbeat, CATS provides what you need to tap into your power of innovation and then unleash it in every member of your organization. While most business thinkers view this challenge from the top down, Stephen Lundin sees the subject from a CAT's-eye view, explaining how to get every employee--no matter what level--to think and act in innovative ways. Stephen Lundin examines the four challenges to innovation and offers practical measures aimed at conquering them:

  • Be brave ('fraidy cats never innovate)
  • Stop being “normal” (make your own rules!)
  • Embrace failure (it's the only way to learn)
  • Foster creativity (don't be a control freak)

Lundin then describes the Nine Lives of Innovation, each of which is a step toward realizing your inner CAT and becoming a fully contributing member of an innovative organization.
Prowling inside every employee is a questioner, a creator, an innovator claws out and ready to pounce. Become a CAT and you may find yourself springing on ideas in a way that surprises you and everyone around you.

Nine Lives of Innovation

  • Overcome Clutter
  • Always be Prepared
  • Understand That Innovation Isn't Normal
  • Welcome Real Provocation
  • Promote Imaginary Provocation
  • Say, 'How Fascinating'
  • Fail Early and Fail Well
  • Pounce on Change
  • Master CAT Wrangling

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