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Jom Tangkap Ikan

Y Office has implemented an exciting way to make our office an enjoyable place to come each day, where both staff and clients can feel comfortable and at ease. It means finding a nice balance between having a good time and maintaining productivity.

To help us achieve our goals, we have implemented the FISH! Philosophy (based on the book by Stephen C Lundin, Ph.D.) about the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, USA. Although life as a fish monger can be unpleasant, the staff at this market decided to focus on the positives and came up with four different ways to improve their workplace:

· Choose Your Attitude,
· Play,
· Be Present
· Make Their Day.

Choose Your Attitude – There is always a choice about the way you go about your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself. Choose to have a great day.

Play – Having fun at work leads to a happier and healthier work environment for you and your clients. Be serious about your work without being too serious about yourselves.

Be Present – Observe what is going on around you and be there with a helping hand when others need you.

Make Their Day – Focus on ways to make others around you have a great day. Create a positive flow of energy and encourage it to grow with words of encourage, a helping hand or a good ear.

These four categories make up the theory behind FISH! and must all be represented equally to achieve the best results.

Of course, this theory is not only relevant to places that handle fish. At Y Office, we have created a FISH! reward system. Every Monday at morning, everyone is given the opportunity to give a "fish" to someone that they believe has displayed a FISH! behaviour during that week. Our "fish" are fish-shaped coloured pieces of paper on which you write why you have chosen to award a fish to that team member. During morning meeting, each receiver reads their fish to the group so that everyone is aware of their achievement. Each of our fish has one of the four categories written on them so everyone can see where the receiver has excelled.

Being surrounded by items that remind us of the FISH! Theory is another key to its success. With our fish bowls, signs on most of the walls around the office and our personal “Which Attitude Do You Choose?” labels, it’s easy to keep our goals in the front of our minds.

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